Massachusetts timeshare laws are governed under the General Laws in real property referred to as the “ Real Estate Time-Share Act ”. The act falls into a subpart of 183 the alienation act and includes governance of condominiums as well as predatory lending practices (imposing unfair, or abusive lending like an obscene interest rate).

Owner Protections

Massachusetts timeshare law is set up to favor owners when it comes to a case. They included among more common fraud defenses to timeshares unconscionable and good-faith obligations to the sellers of timeshares. If you were intentionally ripped off you may have an unconscionable contract, or if the seller was trying to scam you in its execution they may have acted in bad faith. In any case Massachusetts laws are set up to give you more protections than other states. If you think your case could be brought in Massachusetts its one a lawyer could help you with.

Rescission Period: 3 Days

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