Timeshare law in Minnesota is administered under Minnesota Subdivided Land Sales Practice Act . It governs any type of land that divides shares over a series of people, think condominiums and timeshares. Because it is not specific to timeshares most of the law is more generalized to any concerns over shares of property interest, but it is administered through their real estate statute so is more focused on the creation and division of land.

Licensing Requirement

In the state of Minnesota anyone who wants to sell a share of subdivided land is required to be licensed as a real estate broker, or salesperson in the state. They also must have a current registration for the sale of the land. Generally, this means that before anything is shown to you it must be registered with the state first and they were required to be licensed in the state to be showing it or selling it you in the first place.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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