Missouri law does not spell out much regulation regarding timeshares specifically. There is thought some mention of it in their trade regulation statute. Title XXVI of their trade and commerce statute chapter 407.600 has a short 3-page statute for Time-sharing Regulation . The statute has not been updated in sometime, but it focuses on the notice requirements to both consumers and the state for timeshares.

Exchange Rights

Importantly as a consumer with a timeshare in Missouri the law favors your position. Often the purchase of a timeshare is coupled with entry into an exchange program. These programs allow you to exchange your timeshare in Missouri for another location, or time period you may like to see other than the one you purchased. Exchange companies are required to disclose limitations that they may impose on exchanges to you prior to the purchase. Notable ones include: if exchanges are subject to available space limitations, seasonal limits for locations, fees for certain exchanges, and many more. It is important to know that these must have been disclosed to you prior to obtaining the contract and should you be attempting to exchange you are required to have been given this info.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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