Montana’s timeshare law is centralized around the  licensing and requirements of brokers/salespersons. The statute was heavily amended in 2009 to expand the scope and clarity of it. Since the statute is under rules that govern occupation it focuses heavily on requirements of the brokers who sell timeshares and the documents that they must submit to do so.

Licensing Requirement

In Montana salesperson who sell or offer the sale of a timeshare are required to meet two things . First that they are currently registered with a timeshare project. This means there must be an overall real estate entity that is overlooking their attempted sale of timeshares and that overlooker is required to follow other valid real estate statutes. Second, they must be licensed as a timeshare salesperson. Licensure is simple in Montana and primarily just requires that they complete a course on the timeshare industry approved by the board.

Rescission Period: 7 Days

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