The Nebraska Time-Share Act governs timeshare law in Nebraska, and it falls under their real property chapter 76 . Nebraska treats timeshares like it generally would real property, except it constitutes a separate estate or interest apart from other real property (like your home).

Timeshare Enforcement

Nebraska is specific about how long an issue with a timeshare contract can be enforced in the state. Owners have four years to bring a claim in Nebraska for most issues relating to their timeshare contract, including its rescission period, or disclosure. Unfortunately, the Nebraska statute here is strict and your time starts ticking from when you purchase your timeshare. However, in many instances signing a separate contract, or a new one (upgrade) for your timeshare can reignite your claim. Your case may also have grounds to be sued in another state that does not have such a strict statute of limitations. Talk a lawyer experienced in timeshare law to review your case and see where you stand.

Rescission Period: 3 Days

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