New York

New York timeshare law is found in title 13, section 24  of the NYCRR the “timeshare offering plan”. The statute is timeshare focused but includes mention to general business and real estate regulations. It is specifically designed to govern the disclosures around timeshares as a unique form of property. It refers to numerous disclosure requirements that timeshares require in addition to typical property disclosures.

Required Disclosures

Some of the most important things the New York offering plan require are as follows. First that timeshares “involve a high degree of risk” and it goes in detail about what those risk are. Second that this offering plan is required to be filed with the New York state department and constitutes the entire offer to sell a timeshare plan. What is all means for you is that you should have a document, or been given a chance to read this offering plan in order to gain your timeshare interest. 

Rescission Period: 7 Days

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