North Carolina

North Carolina’s timeshare law is housed in their real estate and licensing section 93A article 4. The statute also specifically allows the use of security law and real estate law for any sections that might not be included in the timeshare statute. It is generally trying to expand the scope of timeshares so that it gets the same kind of protections regular real estate would. It also specifically states that timeshares are to be considered real estate.

Statute of Limitations

Unfortunately, in North Carolina the timeshare statute gives a short window in which you can bring a case under its statute. Owners only get one year from the date of execution of the contract to bring actions for violation of the timeshare statute. However, because in North Carolina timeshare is specifically considered real estate even if you are outside your time to bring a claim under timeshare law you may likely still have options in the area of real estate law. In cases like this where your rights may be up to a court to interpret it is important to have an attorney who specializes in timeshare law to give you the best chance at getting out of your timeshare. Call now at 360-918-8196 for a free consultation to see if your case qualifies.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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