Ohio has a unique way of dealing with timeshare law. For timeshares purchased where the property is in Ohio it falls under standard real estate law and there are standard restrictions on real estate agents, the property itself and consumer protection. There is condominium law in Ohio under their real property statute chapter 5311 , condominium law is often insightful, but not absolute when looking at timeshare properties. It is important to have a lawyer review your case who knows how to find and apply the right laws to your situation and if needed argue on your behalf for why you should get the benefit of the most favorable Ohio property laws. 

Foreign Real Estate

Ohio has a unique statute for dealing with property the foreign real estate statute. While it might sound like it applies to purchases outside of the US, it actually means any interest purchased outside of Ohio itself. This is valuable for timeshares because often the place where the timeshare is purchased is not the place where the timeshare is located. People in Ohio could purchase a sunny timeshare in Florida, or Hawaii and in these instances, it would fall under the foreign real estate statute, which often means Ohio law is going to govern that purchase.

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