Oklahoma is one of the few states that governs its timeshare laws under its securities statute. A security for purposes of the statute is basically just an investment and the laws that surround securities usually deal with making sure that they are fair and honest to the public. While the security statute does not reference timeshares by name, it is where land that is subdivided is handled and is aptly called the Oklahoma Subdivided Land Sales Code .

Complete Cancellation

Oklahoma has one huge protection to purchasers of subdivided land. That is that if the purchaser never received a certain required disclosure the purchase is voidable by the purchaser . Voidable does not mean void it just means that you have a good case for getting out of your timeshare. Oklahoma gives purchasers a huge protection with this as timeshare companies often try to hide the by not disclosing any of the realities to consumers when they are buying in. If you think you may have a good case in a timeshare purchase in Oklahoma, please reach out to our firm at 360-918-8196 to confirm.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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