Timeshare law in Oregon was set up with the specific intent of protecting purchasers of timeshares while still providing regulations enough to allow the timeshare industry to grow. They do this through their real property statute with a portion [OR Rev Stat § 94.800 (2019)] designated for timeshare estates as it calls them.

You Cannot Waive Your Rights

Oregon has an express provision to protect purchasers from unfair sales practices. Often sellers of timeshare interest (due to their inherently fraudulent nature) will try to get buyers to ‘contract out’ of any sort of defense. Basically, signing away their right to come back at the seller for scamming them. In Oregon sellers cannot waive or stipulate to waive any legal right that a purchaser has in the contract. As an example if you are required to have 5 days to rescind the purchase and they do not give it, your contract is void. Any right though could be grounds for this statutory provision. Speak to an attorney today to see if your case qualifies.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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