South Carolina

South Carolina timeshare law falls under their property and conveyance statute Title 27 chapter 32 . It is primarily focused on the creation of timeshare plans, with subparts dedicated to foreclosure of timeshares and transactions for timeshares. Uniquely South Carolina had a history of old timeshares. Timeshares that the person actually owned a deed to a property for a specific time each year. The laws of the South Carolina statute are designed in part to transition those old-style timeshares into the newer system which is often more based on contract point plans than real property.  

Unfair Sales Tactics

It is extremely common for timeshares to use harsh tactics to get people into buying timeshares. These often involve getting vacationers, or prior owners into meetings at the offer of some free stuff and then hold them there for hours until they are worn down enough to commit to buying a timeshare. South Carolina offers some timeshare protection law for this under SC Code § 27-32-110 (2019) . It protects users from deception, sellers are not allowed to lie about how the timeshare would work, or what types of accommodations the purchaser would reasonably get from their timeshare purchase.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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