Texas timeshare law falls under the Texas Timeshare Act , it is under Texas property law in their Miscellaneous Shared Real Property Interest. Timeshares are just another form of shared property in the eyes of the law like condominiums or subdivided lands. Texas being no exception. Texas law focuses on the property interest of the timeshare and mostly governs its creation, cancellation, and management, with a minor carve out for consumer protection.

Deceptive Trade Practices

One segment of the timeshare statute in Texas is dedicated towards protecting consumers specifically from: “Deceptive Trade Practices”. What this means in the timeshare market is mostly lies about what a timeshare is and what its interest represents. Where this is most often seen is about where you can book, what that booking includes (accommodation wise) and about the relative value of their timeshare. Texas hits all of these with their statute and if you feel you have been lied to about your timeshare you may have a case.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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