Liable Charges: Injunction issued by the Commission on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, any additional charges are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity and repeat offenses of the affected parties. 

“(1) If the commission has reasonable cause to believe that any person who has not been admitted to practice law within this state is engaging in the practice of law or holding out to the public that the person is qualified to provide services constituting the practice of law in this state, the commission (See Rule 37.1) may file a verified complaint with the clerk of the district court in any county in which the unauthorized practice is alleged to have occurred.

(2) The complaint shall be filed with the clerk of the district court, be given a docket number, and be captioned in the Iowa District Court for ______ County. The commission shall be designated as the complainant. The respondent shall be named and designated as the respondent. The complaint shall be presented to the chief judge of the judicial district for entry of an order to be served on the respondent requiring that person to appear before the court and show cause why that person should not be enjoined from such activity. The show-cause hearing shall be held before the chief judge or another judge designated by the chief judge.

(3) If it appears that the facts are incapable of being adequately developed at a summary hearing, the matter may be set for trial before that judge, who shall hear the evidence and make findings of fact and an appropriate dispositional order”

—Court Rule 37.2