Liable Charges: Injunction

“Original actions, under I.C. 33-24-1-2*, to restrain or enjoin the unauthorized practice of law in this state may be brought in this court by the attorney general, the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission, the Indiana State Bar Association or any duly authorized committee thereof, without leave of court, and by any duly organized local bar association by leave of court. The action against any person, firm, association or corporation, shall be brought by verified petition, in the name of the state of Indiana, on the relation of the authorized person or association or committee, and shall charge specifically the acts constituting the unauthorized practice.”

IC 33-24-1-2

“Sec. 2. (a) The supreme court has jurisdiction in appeals coextensive with the state and has jurisdiction as provided by the Constitution of the State of Indiana.

(b) The supreme court has exclusive jurisdiction to:

(1) admit attorneys to practice law in all courts of the state; and

(2) issue restraining orders and injunctions in all cases involving the unauthorized practice of the law; under rules and regulations as the supreme court may prescribe.”

Indiana Rule 24, and IC 33-24-1-2