Liable Charges: Civil Penalties. UPL is not a crime in Utah, although those who break the following statute at the expense of another are liable to be investigated by the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee. The UPLC itself cannot make arrests, indict, nor file lawsuits on behalf of complainants. 

(a) Application. Except as set forth in paragraphs (c) and (d), only persons who are active, licensed Bar members in good standing may engage in the practice of law in Utah.

(b) Definitions. For purposes of this rule:

(1) “Practice of law” means representing the interests of another person by informing, counseling, advising, assisting, advocating for, or drafting documents for that person through applying the law and associated legal principles to that person’s facts and circumstances.

(2) “Law” means the collective body of declarations by governmental authorities that establish a person’s rights, duties, constraints, and freedoms and includes:

   (A) constitutional provisions, treaties, statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, and similarly enacted declarations; and

   (B) decisions, orders, and deliberations of adjudicative, legislative, and executive bodies of government that have authority to interpret, prescribe, and determine a person’s rights, duties, constraints, and freedoms.

(3) “Person” includes the plural as well as the singular and legal entities as well as natural persons.”

UCJA Rule 14-802