Virginia timeshare law is held under their real property statute in the ” Virginia Real Estate Time-Share Act “. The statute is extensive and focuses on creation, purchaser protections, financing, registration and administration of the timeshare. Virginia has its largest section of its statute dedicated to the protections of a purchaser (you), but has some powerful restrictions that make it not as consumer friendly as it initially looks.

Statute of Limitations

Under Virginia timeshare law a purchaser is only given two years to bring an action after the purchase. Two years may seem like a while at first, but many people often do not discover the limits on their timeshare or the issues arising out of it until they have tried to go through the booking process. Booking can often take over a year from purchase to even get your first booking. Issues with timeshares are usually not apparent at the time of purchase and the clock ticks pretty fast after that. If you think you want to get out of your Virginia timeshare speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Even if you are outside the statute of limitations a clever attorney who practices timeshare law may have other ways to support your case, give use a call for a free consultation at 360-918-8196.  

Rescission Period: 7 Days

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