Washington timeshare law is governed by The Timeshare Act and stated in Chapter 64.36 of the real property interest and conveyance title of Washington’s code. The laws read a bit complex, but they are primarily focused on what disclosures are required in timeshare purchases and what a seller cannot do.

Cannot Escape Washington Law

A unique feature of Washington’s timeshare law is that it will apply to all timeshare cases that could be brought in Washington. Regardless of how the contract reads, or where the location of the contract is for (you bought a timeshare in Cancun, but purchased it in Washington) Washington law will govern. This provision is to stop sellers from trying to get cases moved to a place (like Florida) where the laws would be more favorable to them and easier to litigate. If you have a Washington timeshare case, it is important to have a Washington timeshare lawyer because we know how these laws work.

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