“Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates” and “Reed Hein” “The Timeshare Exit Team”

 A federal judge in Florida recently ruled against a timeshare exit firm and company finding that their practices of collecting large upfront fees from timeshare owners and then not delivering on the promised service of getting the owners out of their timeshare obligation was tantamount to fraud and deception.

Many of these timeshare exit companies will use scare tactics and false advertising to get timeshare owners to sign up with them and charge exorbitant upfront fees, all while knowing they won’t be able to deliver.

That is NOT the case with The Abrams Firm.  The Abrams Firm only hires licensed lawyers who are Consumer Protection Attorneys that do not charge an upfront fee to cancel a timeshare contract.  The firm doesn’t even have 1 paralegal – just consumer protection attorneys and trial lawyers with the reputation of delivering favorable results to consumer clients for the past 18 years, founded in 2001. With many resorts we can successfully get you out of your timeshare commitment in significantly less time (a few months) than most companies who put you off a year or more knowing that many Attorney General complaints and Better Business Bureau complaints are procedurally barred after 1 year – so to the public it appears as if the fraud they commit every day never occurred at all.

The Abrams Firm does not charge an upfront fee to settle a case (cancel a timeshare contract) – and only gets paid when we get you out!  And when the law firm has to deal with a resort that is not letting timeshare owners out of their contract, they are not afraid to litigate against a billion-dollar resort with a transparent low cost flat rate fee that is a fraction of what it would cost to hire most law firms to litigate a case through trial and final judgment.

If you are an owner that feels like you’ve been a victim of fraud or unfairly taken advantage of, contact your state’s Attorney General to see if any form of relief is available.  If you require a law firm advocate, then contact The Abrams Firm and talk directly to a licensed attorney.


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