I bought a Timeshare but…

I’m not sure I made a good decision when I bought my timeshare, and by the time I thought I want to cancel the timeshare contract now, it was too late.

I found out it didn’t work for me to book the timeshare vacations that I desired, and I don’t want to upgrade.

Because it’s just not for me, I basically stopped using my timeshare.  🙁

I haven’t used my timeshare in years but…

The maintenance fees keep rising and who knows if a special assessment will come in the mail.

My children don’t want it and/or can’t afford it, and I don’t want to burden them with the debt.

I was told it would be easy to sell my timeshare, however, there are Attorney General warnings that sound like the opposite is true, and they cite the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published statistical findings that 3.3% reported sales in a 20 year period

I was also told about reselling a timeshare, but to resell my timeshare may take a special “timeshare re-sale program” of some sort. Either way, people may want this resort as a timeshare resale, but I want to avoid Timeshare Fraud Sales (NO sales, just lies).

I remember something about Deeded Timeshares and Timeshare Points, but I think I have both (all in one). Neither of them are worth any money right now and one stark commonality in the timeshare Aftermarket Sales Industry is they may tell you your timeshare is worth $10,000 or $20,000 or more, but they say that just to get Upfront Fees, and are NOT selling your timeshare. Some people just have to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare cheaply (or as some say, you have to know how to dump a timeshare in a hurry). The main point owners all tell me is that it is hard to know if a timeshare is qualified for a sale. And, you may need to learn tricks about how to get out of a timeshare for free. Resorts can sell timeshares for cash, they can sell timeshares for big money because they have the resorts and sales reps. Regular people with regular timeshares, like most consumer-owners, cannot sell their timeshare.  🙁

So I tried to sell my timeshare but…

I get bombarded in the mail with hundreds of timeshare exit options (Postcard Companies or “PCC’s”) and I looked online on the Web, but in the mail and on the Internet, I don’t know who to trust to professionally manage a timeshare sale??

I called around the listing companies to check timeshare values and all of the companies seem to think my timeshare value was “HOT” and worth many thousands of dollars, but Government Consumer Protectorates warn you that Your Timeshare is NOT “HOT”  in this is a highly regarded Consumer Advisory from former Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum; recently reprinted by the new Florida AG, Pam Bondi.

I listed my timeshare for sale, but I had to pay $500-$1000 in Upfront Fees to sell a timeshare, and it turned out to be Wasted Money. I later discovered that my timeshare had no value, it was just Timeshare Fraud.

In this timeshare scam by a listing company, they demanded Upfront Fees, but they weren’t even licensed real estate brokers.

They lied saying my timeshare was “HOT” and worth thousands, when many just like mine… thousands did not sell for $1 on eBay

I eventually found “transfer companies” promising to get me out of my timeshare, but I just lost many thousands of dollars to a fraud and they never returned my calls and went out of business.

The worst part is, I couldn’t even afford to take vacation now, because I’ve spent so much on timeshare aftermarket fraud scams.  🙁

BUT I FOUND ONE RAY OF HOPE  to get out of a timeshare safely…

Consumer Protection Attorneys exclusively achieve Agreements directly with resorts and vacation clubs, and they did waive any & all of my timeshare debt obligations, forever.

Experts agree: USE A LAWYER, as the Lovely Lady of the Consumer Advocacy World, Suze Orman, knows to be true.  A Lawyer is necessary because only they know the law and they are also verifiable (licensed at a State Bar Association).  At The Abrams Firm, timeshare divestments are exclusively performed by skilled Consumer Protection Attorneys (1-on-1), FOR THOUSANDS LESS, then non-lawyer services.

The Lawyer called and our Agreement was finalized today. Tonight I’m going to proudly proclaim:

🙂  this is the way the world is supposed to work  🙂

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