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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has set his eyes on a timeshare reseller, Groupwise, Inc. and its former officers, Derek J. McGuire and Andrew J. Harkins, alleging violations of state consumer protection laws.

As of the publication of this article, Shapiro’s office has received 88 complaints against Groupwise.  It is alleged that the company would charge fees up to $6300.  For that fee, the company would assume financial responsibility of the timeshare until a buyer was found and the sale was finalized. Groupwise would also fail to put the fees into an escrow account – sometimes in violation of certain state laws. It is further alleged that total losses were approximately $2.9 million.

The Abrams Firm is different.  We are a law firm specializing in consumer protection.  We are all attorneys – no paralegals, salesmen, or telemarketers.  We are also transparent with Bar Association verification (see the first sentence on our homepage) where we also list our low flat-rate cost ($2000).  Everything a consumer needs to make an informed decision in on our website.  You know exactly what we charge for our legal services and what we will do for you which distinguishes our law firm from almost everybody else who performs timeshare cancellations.

There are some resorts that have caused their owners too much harm to just settle for a walkaway deal through a timeshare cancellation.  Those owners want damages.  Maybe even punitive damages in the millions to split between an optimally sized small co-plaintiff’s group (most under 25) where each plaintiff can potentially get a large recovery as a victim of predatory timeshare fraud.

You can see a list of those resorts on our website under the litigation  page.  We are either in a pending lawsuit or may soon be filing a lawsuit against your resort or vacation club.  For these timeshare corporations we offer a low cost all-inclusive litigation fee that we post on our website.  You will not pay anything more than that fee even if the case goes all the way through a lengthy trial.

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