A new year brings new resolutions. We enjoy the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh opportunity to be our best selves. Some people resolve to work harder, some to lose weight, some to quit bad habits. With all these positive choices, why not add cancel your unwanted timeshare to the list?

Timeshares cost money. Ever-increasing annual fees, coupled with special assessments and necessary upgrades make timeshare ownership an expensive commodity. Prospective owners are initially sold on timeshare purchases being an investment, but the reality is that timeshares actually hold negative value. The secondary market for timeshares is riddled with desperate owners trying to unload unwanted timeshares for as little as $1 simply to escape the financial burden. The sad fact is that even at $1, prospective buyers are nowhere to be found.

Without any buyers, owners are left burdened by exorbitant fees, regardless of whether or not they even use their timeshare, or they risk destroying their credit. The life of a timeshare and its associated financial liability is perpetual and follows owners beyond their death, to their family. Nothing—financial situation, change in circumstance, or even emergencies—cuts off the financial liability.

With such far-reaching effects, it is no surprise that many owners seek to escape what CNN called “The Timeshare Trap.” Unfortunately, too often timeshare owners discover this harsh reality too late to rescind the purchase contract. Once that happens, they become desperate—opening the door to dangerous aftermarket timeshare fraud. For years, the only positive remedy available to timeshare owners who were pressured into timeshare purchases as the result of fraud or misrepresentation was timeshare cancellation. When a timeshare is cancelled, the resort contract that perpetually binds owners to high maintenance fees and special assessments is terminated in full, relieving the owner of all financial obligations, forever– including relieving any future liability to family or descendants.

For some, timeshare cancellation may still be a viable option, but for others, especially those with timeshares in “The Dirty Dozen”—Westgate, BlueGreen, Hilton, ResortCom/the Villa Group, Holiday Inn/Orange Lake/Silverleaf, and Berkley Group/Vacation Village/Lando Resorts/El Dorado—the only option to escape the financial liability of timeshare ownership is litigation. The hard part is finding the right advocate who knows how to fight the Timeshare Industry on your behalf.

If you are stuck in a timeshare, do not let another year of high costs go by. Make a resolution this year to fight back. If you have been a victim of timeshare fraud, misrepresentation, or bait and switch tactics, contact The Abrams Firm at (360) 918-8196 for a free consultation with a licensed attorney regarding your individual legal rights. We will discuss the remedies available to your specific case, so you can make an informed decision as to what is the right strategy—cancellation or litigation. The consultation is 100% free and we are the only company to never charge any upfront fees for timeshare divestment. We are Consumer Protection Attorneys dedicated to fighting for you.

– Bebe B., Associate, The Abrams Firm

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