One of the biggest questions we get when we are working with clients is “how long does it take to get out of a timeshare” and unfortunately the real answer is “it depends”. If someone gives you an answer other than that they are probably lying, because our Law Firm has been doing this for over 15 years and unfortunately that is just the reality. Now that is not super helpful, but it is helpful to know why it depends and that we can discuss. There are three major things that affect the timeline, first is the case itself, second the place you got it and third is the resort you are working with.

The Case Itself

Even if most client’s needs are the same, every client comes in with a different case with a unique set of issues and concerns. Some of the issues might be major concerns for a resort if brought up. While others may seem like great cases but are unfortunately not as strong in the law as they are in the mind. Depending on what exactly went down in your case gives a good idea of how easy it may be to get you out.

It Depends Where it is at

Each state has a different level of regulations on timeshares. If you are interested in your specific State, you can look at our State list for some general information. Some states like California, Nevada and Tennessee have strong timeshare laws in place that make your claim a lot stronger. These incentivize the resorts to comply or risk serious issues. While other States have little to no law or cases on timeshares making it a much harder argument to make. In these cases, it is even more important to have Lawyer-Client Representation with an Attorney experienced in timeshare law who knows where to look for your best claims.

Who is the Resort

Every resort deals with timeshare cancellation and contract termination a little differently whether it be giants like Marriott, Holiday Inn Vacation Clubs, Hilton, Wyndham, or smaller resorts nationwide and internationally. Depending on what policies that resort has in place, there may be extra hoops, or barriers they may try to put your attorney through to secure a divestment. Unfortunately, not every resort likes to make it easy, and this can lead to long delays or the pursuit of other avenues.

What it all amounts to is that the timeline to terminate a timeshare really comes down to your case. Until you have talked to a Lawyer that represents and advises you directly about your specific case its hard to know exactly what your timeshare divestment will look like. So why not talk to one today! We offer free no cost (Pro Bono) legal advisement to review your case and see if you qualify for a timeshare termination, cancellation or litigation. Contact us at 360-918-8192, or get started here.


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