With so much negative publicity on timeshare resorts and the hype surrounding certain resorts that refuse to negotiate or cancel burdensome and unwanted timeshares, we decided to take a look at the other side. There are resorts who understand that some timeshare owners face personal hardships, changed circumstances, or simply cannot handle the financial burdens of their timeshare. Rather than group all consumers into a one-size-fits-all category, these resorts take the time to consider individual timeshare owners and may be willing to negotiate a timeshare contract cancellation for the consumer when a good case for timeshare divestment is presented.

The list below represents a rating and grade scale based on divestment protocols and positive results for consumers:

A+: Leaders in Timeshare Divestment and Consumer Results

Wyndham Resorts

Wyndham is a stellar leader in timeshare divestment. Though it’s a world leading timeshare giant, Wyndham is able to focus on the needs of the consumer ahead of their bottom line. This good will is exemplary. Now relief is not just comprehensive and industry-leading clean, but also very timely. Wyndham gets the highest consumer protection attorney ratings.

A: Consistently Contribute to Positive Outcomes for Consumers

Diamond Resorts, Pueblo Bonito, Grupo Mayan, QM Resorts

These resorts contribute to positive outcomes in securing needed relief for consumers with good divestment cases. Earning recognition for compassionate relief, they provide clean exit documents in a very timely fashion. Consumer protection attorneys rate them very high.

B/C: Responsible and Generally Fair Consumer Treatment (noted exceptions)

Welk Resorts, Grand Vacation Services, Advanced Resorts of America, Club Exploria, InnSeason, The Ridge Tahoe, Grand Timber Lodge, Quarter House, Kings Plantation and Capital Resorts, Berkley Group/Vacation Village/Lando Resorts/Eldorado

These resorts act fairly and responsibly to most of their consumers and will typically provide releases if a good divestment case is presented (noted exceptions hold them at C or B grades).

F: Non-Consumer Friendly & Require Litigation

Westgate, Hilton, BlueGreen Vacations, Geo Holiday Group/Safire/Starpoint, ResortsCom/The Villa Group in Mexico, (F-) Holiday Inn (Orange Lake and Silverleaf)

These resorts are the ones to avoid at all costs! Known in the Timeshare Industry as the “The Dirty Dozen,” these resorts are infamous for their absolute refusal to release worthy timeshare owners from their timeshares, regardless of whether sales contracts were purchased under fraud or duress.

If you required relief from an unwanted or burdensome timeshare, or were the victim of a timeshare purchased under fraud or duress, call The Abrams Firm at (360) 918-8196 for a free consultation with a licensed Attorney. We will discuss remedies available to your specific case, so you can make an informed decision as to the right strategy—divestment or litigation—for your case. The consultation is 100% free and we are the only service known to not charge an upfront fee for timeshare divestment. We give you easy and clear transparent flat-rate pricing available openly with website pricing. Since 2001, we are Consumer Protection Attorneys dedicated to fighting for Consumer Justice!

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