Victims of Timeshare Fraud: Many consumers have been victimized by timeshare scams, especially prevalent in the aftermarket. Whether you own a timeshare club (timeshare membership interest) or a deeded timeshare, false and deceptive statements may have been used to trick you.


Often people are, literally, promised the World (a World of 5-star luxury resorts at peak seasons) all for free! However, some promises may be misleading. This can rise to misrepresentation of material fact in a contract. Since the Use of your timeshare is pretty big deal—the central reason many buy their timeshares, timeshare owners should see if other owners just like you have experienced similar Use difficulties and what they do to overcome them. A good resource for this is because it’s a cozy little online community since 2005 (over 10,000) that is free and easy. Owners helping owners in this all volunteer setting is a great choice to just get free information. And there is also the world’s biggest user group site at that has timeshare forums on many subjects related to timeshare ownership, just like the forums over at Timeshare Forums. So you can pick a topic that helps you at these timeshare forums and seek some helpful information… you can even find out how to Ask a Consumer Protection Attorney for Free! It’s fun, easy and free! SOMETHING IN TIMESHARES OUGHT TO BE FREE, EASY & SAFE!!


And there are other common schemes that happen to consumers with alarming frequency. If you are the victim of a Timeshare Scam, you often don’t know it until years down the road. One example is a sham sale that turns out to be bogus, and years later guess who is liable for fees, interest and penalties. It may be a bit shocking to find out that timeshare rental income does not pay for your timeshare mortgage payments and Great Profits are not an easy Timeshare Resale away.


A complementary discussion with a Consumer Protection Attorney will determine if you may have a good timeshare to sell a timeshare through a licensed real estate broker (specialists in select timeshare resorts), or if you may have a good case for Timeshare Divestment. If appropriate* (*and if we have time availability for your case), you will have all the information you need to decide if you want to take advantage of our services… Then it’s all up to you. Get your timeshare divestment decision in your control.


In Blogs to follow, you will find a list of some common concerns timeshare victims have faced. If your timeshare experience is all over for you, the Abrams Firm has experience with over 2100 consumers in the past that have successfully divested from their timeshare. So read the upcoming Blog and if any of the categories sound like what happened to you, give us a call to discuss the matter with a Timeshare Lawyer providing such preliminary analysis and answers as a free service!

John Abrams
Consumer Attorney

Answering the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates, including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.
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