Just last week the Washington Attorney General finalized a consent decree against the timeshare exit company Reed Hein & Associates LLC. The company is required to pay 2.61 million in, refunds and attorney’s fees and may be on the hook for an additional 19 million if it violates the decree. The state found that the company had been lying to consumers about its 100 percent money-back guarantee. Many consumers had been in an attempted exit for 3+ years and were still unable to get the return of their funds. The company stated that so long as they were still working on the case they were not entitled to a refund. The company has released a formal apology and retracted statements against the lawsuit as being frivolous.

We appreciate the Washington Attorney General staying on top of consumer protection and defending people against the many fraudulent exit companies out there.

The timeshare industry is fraught with scams, from the sale of the interest itself, all the way through to trying to secure cancellations of a timeshare. The area in general is one of the most unfriendly consumer areas out there. Unfortunately, as the industry has moved away from deeded interest to points systems or right to use contracts, consumer exit companies have become weaker and weaker. The resorts insistence on making timeshares nearly impossible to get out of has birthed a whole new area of fraud with companies popping up to claim expertise and the ability to get timeshare cancellations. The problem is the resorts have no interest in letting people out no matter how consumer unfriendly that is, and timeshare exit companies are only interested in getting their fee, not getting people out (as the Washington Attorney General has seen through).

Timeshare contract terminations are no easy feat and require a special knowledge and expertise that few have, but many claim to have. It is difficult to navigate all the shark invested waters of a timeshare exit as a consumer. Ending a timeshare obligation involves complex legal issues, and the advisement and representation on a contract. Often these are areas that cannot even be legally touched by a non-attorney.

If you want to cancel your timeshare contract you need the help of a licensed attorney who specializes in timeshare exits. This area is not simple. Resorts will fight to get every penny they can get out of you before they will ever let you go, so if you go with anyone, go with an attorney.

If you are interested in getting out of your timeshare, contact our Law Firm to set up a free consultation at 360-918-8196, or get started. Let us help you get out of your timeshare.


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