Dave Ramsey in the Timeshare Exit Companies

Popular radio show host and financial advisor Dave Ramsey runs into hot water with endorsing an alleged timeshare exit company. The host had historically been a strong advocate against the timeshare industry and advocated on his show for a particular “Timeshare Exit Team”. A company that frequently advertised on his show as a way to get out of a timeshare. Backlash began when Timeshare Exit Team was indicted last year for deceptive and fraudulent sales practices, leaving over 15,000 consumers without an exit and without a refund. These same consumers are now frustrated for trusting the advice and advertisement of the radio host who stated, “Timeshare Exit Team, it’s the only people we endorse for getting you out of your timeshare because it works!” Countless consumers are feeling that Dave Ramsey is at least in part responsible for their buy into the scheme.

Thank you Inside Edition for reporting on this story.

It is important to know who to trust when looking to get out of your timeshare. The timeshare industry is riddled with companies that promise timeshare divestments (getting you out), but lack the legal expertise, or even a lawyer’s bar license to be able to: 1) advise on legal contract, 2) negotiate on your behalf, 3) sue in a court of law for you.

Do your research upfront and do not rely on the statements that advertisements may promise you (they do not have to be true!) They are designed to entice you into using their service without anything to back in up and on the phone they will say whatever lies or deceptions that will get you to pay an upfront fee. We here at the Abrams Firm are different. We have been successfully doing timeshare law and consumer protection claims for 20 years. We have a verifiable proven track record of timeshare divestments, and we are licensed attorneys who can go to bat for you against multimillion or billion-dollar resorts who are determined to stop you from getting out of your timeshare. Call now for a free consultation at 360-918-8196, or get started now


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