A Cleveland couple the McFarren’s recently found out that timeshares are not all they cracked up to be. After using their timeshare for 10 years their maintenance fees have slowly climbed to now being over $1,000 a year. The couple realized like many do that “You could stay (in Vegas) for half of what we’re paying in just maintenance fees” because the cost of their fees alone is double what you would pay for the same stay in Vegas on your own booking. Unfortunately, getting out of a timeshare is easier said than done. After attempting to work through a timeshare reseller at a “reasonable” rate the McFarren’s are now out $3,300 with nothing to show for it and no one to contact about getting out of their timeshare. The business they tried the hire has a myriad of complaints on the BBB and is given an “F” rating. The BBB’s advice: “If you can, have an attorney look at it (the contract) before you sign it,” but if you already have signed a timeshare contract it is safest to have an attorney do the timeshare termination itself.


Thank you, News 5 Cleveland for reporting on this story. You can find the whole story here.


There are three big things that stand out about the McFarren’s case. First, is that unfortunately there are many people in the exact same situation. We hear from hundreds of timeshare owners who have realized that all the “investment/great deal” talk they heard when they were buying their timeshare is just not true. They can go on the market and get the same booking for at least a third a cost of their total fees. If you want to learn more on that read here. Second is that resale for timeshares do not exist, but a market riddled with fraud does. It does not matter how low a cost you can get for an alleged “reseller” because there is little to no resale for a timeshare. The most they will do for you is take your money. Third, is to verify your source before you buy in and do not trust what their website tells you about how great they are. You need a Law Firm that can go to bat for you (only a lawyer can legally advise you on terminating contracts, or argue on your behalf, or represent you in court. Without a license, it is just an unauthorized practice of law). Do your own independent research to verify that you have a credible Law Firm which you can hire that provides direct Lawyer-Client representation.


Here at the Abrams Firm, we have been doing timeshare law for over 15 years. We are a team of licensed attorneys who can legally represent you against multimillion and billion-dollar timeshare corporations and argue your legal rights to get you out of your timeshare. We freely share our licensure (bar numbers) and BBB accreditation. Give us a call at 360-918-8196 to become a Pro-Bono (no charge) client of the firm to review your case and your options, or start here to set up an appointment with an attorney.


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