Many people buy into timeshares because at the beginning they may seem like a great idea. Whether it be the promise of discounted vacations, or the concept of a future investment interest, or simply giving in to the big “car sale” like tactics. Regardless of the reason, most also quickly learn that it is not exactly what it was sold as and unfortunately it is now extremely difficult to get out of. If you find yourself in this situation you should consider hiring a timeshare attorney. Beyond just being your legal representative there are a lot of benefits to having a licensed attorney representing your interest against the timeshare industry.

1). Attorneys have legal authority. Legal authority in timeshares helps in two big ways. The first is in debt collection, when you are represented by an attorney for a divestment and the resort is on notice they cannot have debt collectors calling you. For your timeshare interest they must deal directly with your attorney, and this gives you some breathing room to be able to hold your ground against a resort. Second is only an attorney can represent your legal interest. While many timeshares end through negotiations, not lawsuits, only an attorney can continue to represent your interest all the way through should the resort refuse to corporate with your timeshare termination.

2). Advise on Legal Contracts. While many people may state that they can tell you about your timeshare contract and why it may be invalid, only an attorney is qualified to know that. Advising on contracts is the practice of law and while they may seem straightforward, the timeshare contracts you signed were written by lawyers to make them as strong as possible in favor of the resorts, so it takes a skilled lawyer to unravel them.

3). Negotiate on your behalf. Often one of the most difficult things with getting out a timeshare is having to deal with the resort and the termination at the same time. While you want to assert your interest in getting out of a timeshare, you also do not want to be reneging on a contract you signed despite how unfair it may seem. When you have a lawyer representing you, they are your guardian against the resorts interest. They can stand in your shoes and negotiate with an otherwise unbudging resort to terminate your contract. An attorney experienced in timeshare law knows the games and the difficulties they try to throw against consumers. You do not have to deal with them, with an attorney representing you that becomes their job. Leave it in the hands of a person who knows how to protect your interest and what to say legally, or more importantly what not to say.

We here at the Abrams Firm have been dealing with timeshare law for over 15 years. We know the games the resorts like to play, and we also know how to protect your interest, despite the resorts resistance. If you want to cancel a timeshare contract, contact us at 360-918-8196, or get started here.


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