The Timeshare Law Firm, PLLC. (a core legal service of a Consumer Protection Law Firm founded in 2001), is filing a Multi-Party Action (MPA) through its branch office in Sevier County, Tennessee, against Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Inc. (Defendant) on behalf of victimized timeshare owners.  These owners were giving up everything that was taken from them deceitfully, and just attempted to get released from their timeshare contract, after they learned about the numerous false misrepresentations and fraudulent concealment of state mandated warnings and other statutory violations.

The fact patterns for these consumers involve high-interest loans, predatory lending and abusive sales practices using overt and willful violations of Tennessee State law.  The timeshare sales victims are now empowered to legally FIGHT BACK against the billion-dollar timeshare conglomerate, Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn Vacation Club, Inc., and its subsidiaries (Orange Lake Resorts and Silverleaf Resorts) rejected all requests from the Plaintiffs for a no-money, walkaway deal (a generous position given the depth of abusive sales practices alleged as  Fraud allegations perpetrated by the resort).  They even rejected, I’m begging you to set my family free, as a pay-off for many thousands of dollars, I’m begging you to set my family free.  Holiday Inn left these consumer victims with no alternative but to seek recourse through the courts.

Lawsuits against Holiday Inn shall be opening in several other states, including Silverleaf in Texas and other states as well as Holiday Inn’s resorts in Nevada, Arizona, and South Carolina, as all of these MPA and class action cases (like the Gatlinburg, Tennessee case ), former name for “Smoky”… involve highly specific applications of state law to obtain relief.  In many jurisdictions this means enhanced damages (as here in Tennessee where there is $500,000 in punitive damages) per Plaintiff that apply.

If you own a Holiday Inn, Orange Lake or Silverleaf timeshare and feel that you have been the victim of fraud you should call a timeshare attorney to discuss the matter.  It doesn’t matter what state you live in from California to Washington or from to New York to Florida and everywhere in between… The relevant point is where you bought your timeshare and that we have an MPA/Class action litigator and trial attorney in that jurisdiction

Please note, clients joining the lawsuit prior to the imminent date of filing can participate in any simultaneous of short-timeline settlement which may fully end the action at that point, but all then-current plaintiffs shall be included in the settlement releases.


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