Timeshare Cancellation Tips

The ability to sue the resort for Consumer Justice in the form of damages, is the only reason a resort may be worried enough to release you. Resorts do not fear Non-lawyers! 

So when you hear that former timeshare salesperson on the Radio or on the TV saying that they will cancel your timeshare contract… 

TIP: They’re committing a Crime right there, often a Felony, for an Unauthorized Practice of Law

(1) Non-lawyer salesmen cannot advise you on legal contracts without a Law License. Criminal UPL violation in all 50 states

(2) Non-lawyer salesmen cannot argue a legal case on behalf of a client, which is also a Criminal UPL violation in all 50 states

(3) And very importantly, non-lawyers cannot sue the resort to force compliance in a Court of Law (or encourage prior settlement). Criminal UPL violation for all 50 states.

Don’t believe Salespeople, verify that you have a licensed Lawyer on the phone with you… make sure you have a Real Lawyer (it’s easy):

TIP: To be safe, hang up and call the claimed “Lawyer” on the phone number that is listed on the State Bar Association’s website.

This will ensure that you have all the client protections of a real lawyer.

Whether it’s supposedly how to sell a timeshare or claims of getting you out of an unwanted timeshare by means of a timeshare contract cancellation, or a timeshare contract termination – with non-lawyers this all constitutes an Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL that is often a Felony).

These Con-Artists scams (typically done by former Timeshare Salesmen/women) have victimized countless thousands of consumers, see the FBI, Department of Justice along with AG and local law enforcement in a Sting that was spearheaded by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to bust 191 companies and the timeshare fraud Con-Artists, and recover millions for consumers .

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