Vacations and travel have come to a standstill with the restrictions that COVID has generated. Less people are finding opportunities to get out and see the world. Bad as it is for the average person though, imagine the predicament of having already paid for your vacation and not getting to go, with no refund in sight. That is the issue timeshare owners are running into. People who have already purchased timeshares are required to pay monthly or yearly fees but cannot use them because of travel restrictions. As unemployment climbs and finances are becoming tighter, timeshare owners want out of their unusable contracts.

Getting out is easier said than done. As a recent article in Forbes suggests, many of the options that timeshare owners are hoping will work do not get them out, and can put them in more dire straits. Timeshare owners who have attempted to sell quickly realize that the value they thought was there does not exist in the real market. One owner in an attempt to get out of their share was instead offered an increased price on their contract from the resort to ‘increase the equity of it’ for a later resale. Timeshare companies are not keen on letting their users out of contracts and are only interested in keeping and increasing their sales. Looking outside the company itself can be even more dubious as timeshare resale organizations are getting regularly slammed with large scale lawsuits and FTC warnings as being outright fraudulent.

There are legitimate options though. The Abrams Firm is a team of consumers protection attorneys – not a company of former timeshare salespeople. We confront the timeshare industry and its sales tactics for you. We file group complaints and litigate cases on your behalf. Check out our recent cases against these timeshare organizations on our litigation page. We are invested in getting you out of your timeshare obligations.

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