We continue with our examination of deceptive timeshare practices by looking at another industry giant, BlueGreen Vacations. As one of the Timeshare Industry’s Worst Divestment Performers” and a member of “The Dirty Dozen,” BlueGreen is the subject of many consumer complaints in the timeshare industry.

With a number of resorts in domestic destinations, BlueGreen’s portfolio caters to the average American. With booths and promotions set up in sporting goods stores and other consumer-friendly locations, BlueGreen entices customers into budget friendly weekend getaways in exchange for attendance at a 120-minute “tour” or presentation.

At the presentation, Consumers report that BlueGreen uses high pressure sales tactics coupled with deceptive and misleading statements about timeshares offered, including the value, availability, accommodations, and amenities included. Potential purchasers succumb to the tactics and are saddled with a valueless timeshare that is often unavailable for use altogether.

In addition to complaints regarding consistent unavailability and false statements about accommodation quality, and according to these consumer reports, BlueGreen is also notorious for promising consumers a non-existent Buy-Back program. Furthermore, several complaints allege abuse and the targeting of senior purchasers who are pressured into investing their entire lifesavings into a valueless and unavailable timeshare.

Due to the high amount of negative publicity circling around BlueGreen Vacations, the company itself felt compelled to address the question of whether or not BlueGreen is a scam directly on its own website.

Nevertheless, the complaints surrounding BlueGreen do not start when potential purchasers sign on the dotted line. A simple look into BlueGreen’s reviews shows that BlueGreen’s pattern of empty promises and misrepresentations begin as early as the initial budget-friendly incentive weekend trip. Several unhappy consumers allege that even before being herded into the 120-minute presentation, they were promised a weekend getaway for a low fee but were charged much more upon arrival. One consumer alleges for example, they purchased a three-night stay at a BlueGreen resort for $150 in exchange for attending a 2-hour presentation, when in fact, the consumer says they were charged over $850 for the three-night stay, and spent almost a full day at the presentation.

If these consumer allegations are true, then it is no surprise that a resort with such unscrupulous practices would also refuse to voluntarily negotiate a settlement in favor of victimized timeshare owners.

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