Over the past few months, we have begun exposing the sudden resistance of Timeshare Companies to release unhappy timeshare owners from purchase contracts based on fraud and deception. With the growth of suits filed by the Big Bad Timeshare Industry against “easy out” timeshare cancellation companies, we wanted to delve further into the alleged practices that started the legal frenzy, starting with one of the Timeshare Industry’s most renowned giants, Westgate Resorts.

Although the name Westgate is synonymous with travel, a multitude of complaints have been filed specifically against Westgate Resorts, alleging widespread consumer fraud and abuse in relation to timeshare sales. As consumer advocates, we decided to share this information to empower timeshare owners in similar situations to fight for their legal rights.

The numerous complaints state that Westgate sales people intentionally coerced and mislead consumers into purchasing valueless timeshares. The victims were never informed of their legal right of rescission, nor given detailed descriptions of the timeshare, in addition to making false statements regarding the accommodations and amenities Westgate Resorts promises to provide.

In addition, the victims complain that Westgate Resorts used high pressure sales tactics, intentionally manipulating victims into believing that their timeshares would be an investment and long-term asset to be inherited by their descendants, and used a false sense of urgency to coerce consumers into making the hasty purchase. In reality, as we have shared many times before, timeshares hold negative value—they are a depreciating asset tied to eternally rising maintenance fees. Furthermore, although it is true that timeshares pass to heirs, the reality is that the debt of a timeshare passes on to a timeshare owner’s descendants, without any inherent value to balance that debt. Just look on eBay, where thousands of timeshares are listed for only $1 to entice a vacation enthusiast to take on the unwanted and rising fees associated with timeshare ownership. The fact that these victims were faced with extreme pressure and duress to sign on the dotted line leads only to highlight the deceptive tactics Westgate’s sales agents engaged in. Westgate’s sales agents are rewarded based on how many signatures they obtain—without any regard for the consumer’s wellbeing.

Westgate Resorts is just one of several large resorts we’re referring to as “The Timeshare Industry’s Worst Divestment Performers” or “The Dirty Dozen—“ those resorts whose refusal to negotiate a settlement in favor of victimized timeshare owners has led to this surge of complaints.

If you are a victim of illegal timeshare fraud, it is time to fight back. Contact a Consumer Rights Attorney and see how you can fight for your rights as part of a Multi-Party Action. Call The Abrams Firm at (360) 918-8196 for a free consultation with a licensed consumer rights attorney. We will discuss the remedies available to your specific case, so you can make an informed decision as to what is the right strategy—divestment or litigation—for you. The consultation is 100% free and we are the only company to never charge any upfront fees for divestment. We are Consumer Protection Attorneys dedicated to fighting for you.

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