It’s not shocking that large timeshare exit companies are now opposing legislation in states like Florida that would provide timeshare owners with protections including (but not all inclusive):

  • Requiring written agreements prior to performing services
  • Prohibiting exorbitant advance payments or requiring escrow of funds that serve as essentially an advance payment
  • Prohibiting false and misleading representations used to recruit consumers

Thank you to the American Resort Development Association-Resort Owners Coalition for the following article regarding FL HB 435/SB 1430.

Businesses like the Timeshare Exit Team have hired lobbyists to oppose such legislation.  Before hiring such companies, ask yourself why?

The Abrams Firm fully supports such legislation.  We are true consumer protection attorneys that provide timeshare divestment on a 100% contingency basis – you don’t pay 1 penny until we achieve our mutual goal of getting you out of your nightmare timeshare.

If you own a timeshare with one of the handful of resorts that is not letting owners out of their contract, even for legitimate reasons, we provide a low-cost litigation flat fee.  This is a fee for full litigation attorney costs through trial.  You would be hiring a nationally recognized law firm to advocate on your behalf.  You won’t be charged many thousands for the full cost of attorney fees later.  We will take on the billion-dollar resort industry on your behalf.  We will give you your day in court.

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