Timeshare owners have allegedly lost $670,000 to timeshare exit company Vacation Consulting Services. The Attorney General in Missouri is now reporting at least 80 complaints about them.

Special thanks to abcactionnews.com for their reporting.

Owners — be wary of what these timeshare exit companies promise!  Many require an upfront fee and promise you the world with no explanation of how they are going to achieve their goal.  The Abrams Firm  is different. We are a law firm of consumer protection attorneys with a track record of success.  Depending on the resort, we offer the timeshare owner two options.  First, for many resorts we can offer a low cost $2000 timeshare divestment (to cancel a timeshare contract).  If we take your case, you will get out of your timeshare ownership and all the obligations owed to the resort for you and all your family members.  Second, for some resorts we have a litigation option.  You can see a list of those resorts on our litigation  page.  Our firm provides a consumer friendly cost that is an all-inclusive litigation fee to deal with those billion dollar resorts and their legion of lawyers.  You don’t pay a dime more than what is quoted on our website regardless of whether the case settles or goes all the way to trial.

Still have questions? Call today for your free consultation with one of our consumer protection attorneys.


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