It was just a matter of time. Major resorts like Diamond, Wyndham and Westgate are fighting back to put the timeshare exit industry out of business. These exit companies charge thousands of dollars in upfront fees and claim to be able to relieve timeshare owners of their associated financial obligations by means of settlement. But what really happens? Nothing. These exit companies usually fail to reach their objective and owners can end up defaulting on their timeshare.

Major resorts are now litigating against these timeshare exit companies – in some cases seeking injunctions to bar timeshare exit companies from communicating with any of their owners. According to the following article, at the time of its publication, Diamond had successfully obtained eight injunctions in the past few years against fraudulent timeshare exit companies. Thank you to the Orlando Sentinel for their reporting on this issue of public concern.

The Abrams Firm is different from any form of timeshare exit company: (1) We are a law firm that are all consumer protection attorneys (not one paralegal in the law firm and no salespeople or telemarketers); (2) Consumers can verify our bar licensure and our clean disciplinary record in the very first sentence of the first paragraph on our homepage; (3) Consumers can also see transparent prices right below the verification information; and, (4) Consumers can talk directly to one of our licensed lawyers to review your case in detail. 1-4 above prove to consumers that we are different in indispensable ways than any of the other companies or firms in the timeshare industry.

The Abrams Firm settles our client’s claims by means of an amicable divestment (timeshare contract cancellation) for absolutely no upfront fee.  This a 100% contingent fee without any imposter “escrow” companies or other ways to trick consumers into paying money before they get out.  If a given resort does not cooperate then the law firm will litigate on the merits of our client’s claims and are willing to go toe-to-toe with the billion-dollar resorts for a consumer friendly cost that is an all-inclusive litigation fee.  On our website, we provide our transparent litigation costs to go up against resorts with their army of attorneys. But for many timeshare owners, we can provide our one of a kind, no upfront timeshare divestment (see 1-4 above). You don’t pay a penny until we secure our client’s release.

Call today to speak to one of our consumer protection attorneys for an insightful complimentary (free!) consultation.


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