The timeshare exit scam is getting more and more sophisticated.  The most recent ploy is to convince the timeshare owner that they have a potential buyer and all they need from the timeshare owner is money wired to the lawyer doing the closing on the property.  Many people, desperate to unload their timeshare for legitimate reasons, send the money in hopes of finally getting rid of the burden.  Except there is no buyer and there is no lawyer. Just the timeshare owner sending money to a scam artist – and in this case, the scammer was a former timeshare seller!  In total, this crime cost consumers at least $2.2 million dollars.  It was so intricate that it even ensnared a local attorney whose name, image, and reputation were forever tarnished.  Thanks Tampa Bay Times for the consumer alert:

Do your due diligence and thorough research and you’ll find that the attorneys at The Abrams Firm are real licensed attorneys in good standing with no Bar complaints.  You can verify this on a Bar Association Verification link located on our homepage.  We are true consumer protection attorneys ready to advocate on your behalf for a full divestment or litigate against the billion dollar industry, if need be.


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