Warning published in Google News – USA Today – Yahoo Finance – Detroit Free Press – June 2019

Google News, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, the BBB, and the Detroit Free Press are warning consumers about upfront fees + see on-point Consumer Alert!
Consumers are victimized by exit team companies like this couple in the Google News / Detroit Free Press 06/13/19 news release.
Their story is compelling, and illustrative of why Consumers should not be pay Upfront Fees:

Google News/USA Today/freep.com/timeshare-cancellation-scam

Timeshare scam alert – thank you Detroit Free Press + see this Consumer Advisory

Yahoo Finance/freep.com/timeshare-exit-company-scams

The victims of these exit team scams are all told about a money back “Guarantee” but are forced to pay the full price today. Beware and follow the BBB recommendations and the links they have for you inside and inside the Consumer Advisory above – Trust the FTC, DOJ, FBI,  and AGs – Do not pay upfront fees to sell a timeshare, and the recommendation of Consumer Protectorates is: NO Upfront fees to cancel a timeshare contract. Thank you BBB and Detroit Free Press:

BBB/freep.com/June 2019/exiting-timeshare-scams


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