The scammers prey on your desperation and tell you anything to get your money and never deliver. Thank you to WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI for this important reporting on timeshare resale scams.

They may ask you to pay a large upfront fee and not provide you with any legal documentation.  They may promise you they have a buyer waiting for your timeshare.   They may not go into detail as to how they plan to get you out of your timeshare obligation.  In the end, this could lead to a bigger headache than what you started with – you may end up still owning the timeshare, taking a hit on your credit, and losing thousands of dollars to some faceless fraudster.

The Abrams Firm  is different!  We are an actual law firm of consumer protection attorneys that litigate cases when necessary.  Check out our litigation  page to see recently filed lawsuits against some of the timeshare industries biggest companies.

We also offer a low cost $2000 timeshare divestment (to cancel a timeshare contract) or you may choose to litigate and seek damages to get your money back plus possible punitive damages for a low cost, all-inclusive transparent flat fee.

Call today at (360) 918-8196 for your free consultation with a consumer protection attorney.


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