This is part 1 of a 3 part series on regarding traps used by the timeshare industry specific to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Thank you to for this insightful and important reporting.

For years in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this is how part of the industry worked.  Units were bought by out of town investors.  Those investors hired property managers who would rent the units and split the income with the investors.  Simple, right?  Then in 2013, Wyndham purchased one of those property management groups, Oceana Resorts, who managed eight properties.  This gave Wyndham access to previous guests and a list of who to target to sell timeshares as well as access to eight properties to book short vacations.  The catch for one of those short vacations was a required timeshare sales presentation for an hour that typically lasted 4-8 hours.  This often ended in a nightmare of paying tens of thousands of dollars for highly restricted bookings that after high-interest mortgages and ever-rising annual fees – usually end up costing 5 to 10 times of what people pay online.

Then the lawsuits started getting filed.  The allegations were lengthy and showed outrageous sales practices.  Some claims alleged fraudulent sales schemes, failing to exercise good faith, and failing to provide full and fair disclosures of information.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  In one instance, a former Wyndham employee alleged a Wyndham sales representative violated ethical practices and state law regarding a sale and then circumvented state law regarding a lawful cancellation of that sale.  You can read the filed complaint in the article listed above.

The Abrams Firm  can help you confront the timeshare industry and their intimidating employees.  We are an actual law firm of consumer protection attorneys – not a company of former timeshare salespeople.  We file small plaintiff group complaints and litigate cases in a court of law when necessary (including Wyndham with a current action that was just filed and new plaintiffs can join).  Check out our litigation  page to see recently filed lawsuits against some of the timeshare industry’s biggest companies.  We can offer a low cost $2000 timeshare divestment (to cancel a timeshare contract) or you may choose to litigate and seek damages to get your money back plus possible punitive damages for a low cost, all-inclusive transparent flat fee.

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