Various state and federal laws protect consumers from Timeshare Fraud. When owners attempt to sell a timeshare interest, they can be victimized by resale companies that either cannot perform the sale because there are no buyers, or in some cases they list timeshares that they know will never sell. By design these resale companies make millions but fail to produce the promised results.

Make sure you have timeshare reseller’s contract reviewed by a licensed attorney skilled in timeshare law. They may say your Timeshare is “hot” and “easy to Sell” but that can easily be disproved by checking eBay where thousands of the same type of timeshare are not selling for $1.00

There is severe and alarming fraud rates associated with Timeshare resale, cancellation, or other “exit”/ “relief” companies that should not be trusted. Never give them your money up front. If it is cash, a wire transfer, or even a money order, the money is gone, and the chances of a refund are slim to none. If you consult a Timeshare law firm, you can get Attorney-Client advisement and have your questions answered directly by a licensed lawyer skilled in Timeshare law without paying anything (free consultation).

Timeshare Contract Rescission

RIGHT TO CANCEL a Timeshare Contract

Purchasers have between 3-15 days for the cancellation of a Timeshare contract. However, most Timeshare buyers had this fact hidden from them or were otherwise deceived about their right to rescind a timeshare contract within the statutory time permitted by law. Individual states have different timeshare cancellation timelines.

Some states have Timeshare-Specific statutory relief, for example, consumers get up to four (4) years in Tennessee to get out of a Timeshare contract for violations of their state’s timeshare statute.

But if it is too late for a 3-15 day rescission in your case, don’t despair because we have class actions (minimal flat rates) and consumer-friendly pricing for rapid termination procedures (45 days or less). Timeshare Fraud comes in many forms of False Inducements and/or Fraudulent Concealment, including noncompliance with procedures mandated by statutory laws which can cause the buyer/victim to have the upper hand in a Court of Law when backed by hundreds or better 1000’s of similarly situated plaintiffs (in Class Action litigation). Settlements and Class Actions occur when supported by law and backed by a Timeshare Law Firm with a litigation history against Timeshare resorts. With over 15 years of experience in timeshare law we have the experience to get you out of your timeshare. Contact us at 360-918-8196 for a free consultation or get started now online.


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