Consumer Protection Attorneys Cancel Timeshare Contracts for No Upfront Fees! Our Timeshare Lawyers Cancel a Timeshare,

BUT When Resorts Resist, then nationwide at The Abrams Firm our lawyers file Multiparty Litigations vs. Resorts to secure Consumer Justice!

Westgate, Bluegreen, Hilton, ResortCom/The Villa Group, Holiday Inn/Orange Lake/Silverleaf, Berkley Group/Vacation Village/Lando Resorts/Eldorado

Resort Litigation:  $1500 (total litigation cost)  Call: (360) 918-8196

We are currently in the process of mass litigation against the “the  Dozen” who are the 12 worst resort entities for Consumer Rights in refusing to honor highly worthy cases for Divestment with Testimony  and Evidence presented by the leading Consumer Protection Attorney law firm. Now they shall face the great leveler of Consumer Justice!  Sound-minded Juries & Judges of impartial, pure judgment (many miles away from Orlando/Orange Co. Florida), shall hear hundreds of victims speak the same truths (Bait & Switch Fraud Schemes).

It is the worst fraud schemes we put on Trial… but we can’t help that, we must show them in a True Light (and possibly collect full damages for the harm they caused you).

Timeshare Cancellation: Low Flat Rates, NO Upfront Fee  Call: (360) 918-8196

Consumers deserve absolute clarity & transparency. The Abrams Firm is the ONLY ONE to provide Consumers information in an open light to make a well-informed decision (see published track record and verification links below).


1-on-1 -- From Consultation to Closing


*Complete Timeshare Ownership Divestment

*All Associated Fees and Mortgages Waived


2009   ->   all owners successfully divested 2010   ->   all owners successfully divested 2011   ->   all owners successfully divested 2012   ->   all owners successfully divested 2013   ->   96% + the specific reasons why 2014   ->   2014-2015 ending calculations **Past Performance does not guarantee results



*Consumer-Friendly Contingent Fees

*Earned After Full-Performance

FREE CONSULTATION 1-360-918-8196
*case acceptance subject to availability; not all fact patterns qualify for divestment; if already in default (mortgage or fees) please request a "rush" priority to seek a rapid settlement of all claims to hopefully preempt credit reporting.

The FTC, DOJ and FBI shut down 191 companies for Timeshare Fraud in 2013 alone. Link to the FTC Alert; click the "Tiki Infographic" (slider above). Who can Consumers rely on if no market value exists? CONSUMER PROTECTION ATTORNEYS

GET OUT OF A TIMESHARE INTEREST (US or International, deeded or points, paid or not)

We are purely Consumer Protection Attorneys who live for Consumer Justice! Historically, timeshare owners were severely disenfranchised. Owners needed a way to plug into powerful legal resources, but most people couldn’t afford to wage lawsuits with billion-dollar resorts. Aftermarket Predators exploited this lack of consumer empowerment. Accordingly, The Abrams Firm streamlined our processes as a consumer timeshare divestment service, where regular people become empowered and appreciate a consumer-friendly contingency fee (after performance). This fee is less than most services and not the hourly law firm rates ($350 to $650) like a litigation client would expect to pay an Undefeated Consumer Trial Lawyer. This is all about expertise and efficiency, and when it comes to Timeshare Divestment, thousands of people have benefited from our guidance.


we understand consumer needs!

*FTC ALERT (below) -  In our law firm's 3200 Timeshare Consumer Reports, we uncovered an 82% Fraud-Rate and high Money Loss Rate in the timeshare aftermarket. Only Trust Verifiable Info... like the FTC:

The Abrams Firm has a focused Mission: Committed to Protecting Consumers by Answering the Needs of Consumers identified by Consumer Protectorates, including the FTC, Attorney General and Justice Departments

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